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ACT CCTV is a leading security company and integrator of electronic security surveillance systems. ACT's experienced consultants and technicians are highly trained to confidently design, supply, install, commission, service, maintain, and monitor the most up to date electronic security systems on the market today.

ACT CCTV is a leading electronic security company servicing the North west and uk markets. ACT CCTV'S services include the installation, monitoring and maintenance of electronic security company equipment to a full range of residential and commercial customers, along with alarm monitoring of the installed electronic security.


Digital Video Recording - DVR
DVR integrates CCTV cameras, monitoring, remote video monitoring and lapse time record into a single unit. Eliminates the need for videotapes so time wasted rewinding or fast-forwarding to a particular time frame is eliminated. DVR enables you to view your property anytime, anywhere with the right software and enables a digital recording of events, should you require it.

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MultiMode Recording
Taking the functionality and flexibility of the DS2 to a new level, MultiMode Recording gives greater control over individual camera settings by providing settable recording resolutions (4CIF down to QCIF), dynamically switchable  MPEG-4/JPEG  compression settings and configurable record rates per camera.  This increased flexibility allows greater freedom in how CCTV systems can be configured and allows the user to record cameras how they like, when they like.

Feature packed
With other new features such as FTP Continuous Archiving and a 1TB hard drive option*, adding to its already comprehensive feature list (simultaneous MPEG-4 & JPEG transmission and recording, and improved search tools such as GOTO, and Smart Search), its palette of essential tools for both the local and remote operator are hard to beat.

A great combination
The user-friendly interface, remote management capability and leading edge features mean that the new DS2 can provide greater control and flexibility than ever before, and as part of the ‘NetVu Connected’ family the new DS2 is built to adapt to future advances in security technology, protecting your investment for years to come.

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